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Internet marketing

Internet marketing comprises all of our services. It is a way to promote your company and your products and services on the internet. Everything starts with a detailed analysis of your future marketing strategy. Based on this strategy we select the ideal package from all of our services to get the best results for you. We can provide assistance at any time or phase of the process, whether you’re just starting out, already have a website or are running an internet campaign.


Web design

Our team at webees.cz have been actively involved in web design from the very beginning. It comprises a range of services from initial analysis to completion for websites of all types. We keep pace with the times, use the newest web technologies and keep up to speed with current trends. We can create simple company websites as well as complex and large-scale e-shop and web applications. We have already created over 1000 websites of varying complexity.



The graphic form of internet presentation for your campaign is often the only way to outdo your competitors and the reason why any customer eventually decides to buy from you. That’s why all of us at webees.cz specialize in quality design. We can create a sophisticated corporate identity, a creative concept for your future campaign, a unique design for websites as well as high-quality vector illustrations and popular info-graphics. We can also provide you with traditional printed materials such as flyers or business cards.


Content creation

A website on its own is unfortunately not enough to ensure a successful internet marketing. Quality content is an absolute necessity. We can help you with this as well by creating unique, quality and most importantly engaging text for websites, advertising campaigns or indeed for any other use. We can also recommend quality photographers in any part of the Czech Republic, help you make a popular video and create any graphic element. If you wish we can create web content on an on-going basis and add it directly to your website ourselves.



Platform doesn’t matter, a quality solution works everywhere!

We are a creative internet advertising agency focused on providing comprehensive internet marketing, web design and graphic design services as well as content creation. We have been up-and-running on the market since 2009 with locations in Prague and Uherské Hradiště in the Czech Republic. Since we started, we’ve been working with a diverse range of clients and have created hundreds of websites, providing a wealth of supplementary services. Our team is currently made up eight permanent members in collaboration with a series of time-proven freelancers.



Daikin is the largest air conditioning and ventilation producer in the world. Its air-conditioning units Daikin Emura, Ururu Sarara and the Daikin Altherma heat pump are at the top of the the technology leader board. We provide complete internet marketing services for Daikin in the Czech Republic. This includes PPC advertising, SEO, website management, microsite creation as well as copywriting and maintenance of social network profiles.


Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan is a leading producer of insulation and thermal insulation systems. We are currently developing a web calculator for Kingspan’s Dutch branch. Designed for the Nordic market, this web application counts insulating values of key company products. The calculator is fully responsive and vector-based, showing results in real time and enabling work with used equations.


Keller Grundbau

Keller Grundbau is the world leader in specialist building foundations. The company was founded in Germany in 1860. We created a few-hundred page, fully responsive website built on WordPress CMS for their Czech branch.



OKIN FACILITY is a leading Czech company providing solutions in the field of integrated facility management in the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. We are currently creating new responsive vector websites built on WordPress for OKIN. These websites are intended for all of their company markets.



Forbes is a world famous American magazine founded in 1917 in the USA. In November 2011, a Czech version was launched. We recently created a Forbes Special for Czech Forbes. It is a responsive microsite dedicated to the theme “I wish I knew” based on WordPress and using multiple modern web animations.



We oversaw the website redesign of IncParadise – an American company founded by the popular investor, blogger and highly successful American businessman with the Czech background John Vanhara. A challenging task, the objective was to keep the style, simplicity and clarity of the original, ten-year-old website and at the same time give it a modern, vector makeover and WordPress system.


The Czech Forges Association

We created new responsive websites built on the WordPress system for the Czech Forges Association, which brings together all the major forges and associated companies in the Czech Republic. The Czech Forges Association has over 30 members and many of them are world leaders in their field employing hundreds of workers across the country.

About us

Jakub Machala

Jakub Machala

Our twenty-eight year old company founder is currently heading project management, UX and overseeing communication with key clients. But his original profession is a self-taught coder. However, he continues to keep up to date with new website trends. Jakub is originally from Uherské Hradiště in the Czech Republic but he moved to Prague in 2015.

Radomil Martinec

Radomil Martinec

Radomil is our graphic designer, partner and creative brain behind the company. He is in charge of creative graphic design of all prospective websites, corporate identities, vector illustrations, info-graphics as well as other areas. Radomil is originally from Uherské Hradiště but currently works from Frýdek-Místek in the Czech Republic where he lives.

Hana Dedková

Hana Dedková

Hanka works with us on internet marketing of all kinds. Working out of our office in Uherské Hradiště, she deals with the design and realisation of web campaigns, whether on PPC networks, Facebook or via classical link-building. She is also an amazing copywriter.

Miroslav Belányi

Miroslav Belányi

Miroslav is the only foreign member of our team. He is originally from nearby Nitra in Slovakia and he is great at coding for HTML5 / CSS3, including use of jQuery, modern animation and pretty much everything your modern project requires. “Miro” can integrate graphic design of any difficulty level into WordPress CMS.

Lubomír Buchta

Lubomír Buchta

Lubomír covers the rest of the Czech Republic that we’ve not yet conquered, namely the Moravian capital Brno and its surroundings. He himself is originally from Břeclav in southern Moravia. As well as our services, Lubomír is also great with WordPress and works freelance himself for many of his own clients. He’s also a professional photographer.

Pavel Kotyza

Pavel Kotyza

Pavel is responsible for website creation and internet marketing, including the recruitment of modern promotion avenues using RTB systems. He’s been part of many different projects – notably the D-Day show on Czech TV. Pavel is originally from Vlašim in the Czech Repubilc, but has spent most of his life in Prague.



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Internet marketing strategy and analysis are the most important steps and should be the cornerstones of each new project. We set out specific procedures within our marketing strategy plan and apply them according to an approved budget. We provide recommendations and outline the expected benefits that are integral to our comprehensively prepared campaign.

Web Development

Each internet project starts with web design. We can help you develop corporate websites, comprehensive static or dynamic websites, web applications and microsites. We manage the whole design process for new websites: from initial analysis and wireframe design to the implementation of a unique coding design and content management system to launching your website and writing content.


PPC advertising systems, Google AdWords, Seznam Sklik (CZ web portal search engine tool) and Facebook Ads are fundamental for any internet marketing strategy. These systems are based on a fee paid every time someone clicks on your advertisement. That’s why these revenue systems are known as PPC – “pay per click”. As part of our comprehensive services we provide you with a wide range of systems for your campaign – from its design to operation and evaluation.


It is often advisable to carry out traditional advertising in tandem with your online campaign. It could be a one-off purchase of display advertising (banners) on specific websites or an investment in more sophisticated systems for advertising purchases, such as RTB (real time bidding) or other means. We do our best to reap the maximum investment from these systems.


It might seem that traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as in vogue today as it was before but in fact the opposite is true. Quality code and natural link building remain the core foundations for any successful website. We have been running SEO itself for over six years and we operate 250 self-run websites. We can help you with placement of organic search results.

Social Networks

A successful marketing mix has to include social networks. In line with our marketing strategy we determine the best social networks for your specific project, create social profiles and manage them over the long-term. We not only help you with Facebook, with which we have many years of experience, but also with LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


A detailed analysis should precede the creation of any website. This analysis focuses on web presentation objectives, finding the ideal target group, a consideration of competitors and finally the creation of a detailed wireframe of the resulting web design. We manage the whole creation of the website according to this wireframe.

Web Design

We provide a unique web design tailored to each customer. As well as creating the design graphics, we focus on achieving the perfect typography and spacing of all components. All our work meets the most demanding standards and we believe that responsive graphics with vector elements are a matter of course for any prospective website. In creating websites we are always aware that web design is also an art.


We are able to code any design into valid HTML5 or CSS3, including animations and other dynamic elements. During coding we pay special attention to the functionality of websites using all current browsers and on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and even modern televisions. We test and tune our codes though quality developer tools as standard.


We have over seven years of experience with the WordPress content management system (CMS). We used to implement it for websites when it was used only for blogs. But now WordPress is a very complex and high-quality CMS with millions of users and thousands of paid and free accessories. We can build almost any website on WordPress from static presentations to e-shops to multi-domain community websites.


We also specialise in complex web applications. Not only do we create quality design and code but we also process all complex applications for web environments, whether it be a community portal or even an auction website. We usually programme in PHP and use a suitable framework to suit the specific situation. We also run applications on our own dedicated server.


Internet shops have changed over the past few years, transforming the way we shop. We have created tens of different e-shops with varying complexity during our existence. From one product e-shops to shops with thousands of products connected to accounting systems and CRM. We can create modern, responsive and vector e-shops, making shopping an enjoyable online experience. We set up and process card payments (GoPay) and export as seen on Czech portal Heureka.cz as well as using other viable systems.


We manage all programming work for web environments, whether it’s a single job or long-term project. We can add missing features to existing websites or create completely new applications. We usually work in PHP using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, but we can operate with other formats if necessary.

Visual identity

A well-established visual identity can do you great service over the long term. We can prepare all necessary documents for any brand from logotype design (including a logo manual with information on its proper use) to all text documents, presentations and unique business cards. We devote enough time to the whole creative process because this is a key component towards ensuring quality results.

Creative concept

Any good internet advertising campaign should start, in addition to analysis, with a creative concept. A creative concept is a way to choose a visual and communication style for your campaign, serving as a guideline throughout its duration. The creative concept also includes specific design of advertising materials, from classic banners to social network content and video.

Web Design

We provide a unique web design tailored to each customer. As well as creating the design graphics, we focus on achieving the perfect typography and spacing of all components. All our work meets the most demanding standards and we believe that responsive graphics with vector elements are a matter of course for any prospective website. In creating websites we are always aware that web design is also an art.


We can also create unique tailored illustrations. Our beautiful vector illustrations can be used not only for the website itself but also for any internet advertising campaign or for your printed materials. We deliver comprehensive illustration services as well as highly popular info-graphics, which can sum up a complex idea in one picture.


Although printed material has very little to do with the online world, we can also provide you with these services. We can create any printed material, from business cards, document layouts and stickers to beautiful advertising prints. We can either offer you quality prints of all materials with the help of our partners or we can send you outputs for any office printer.


Well-written text helps sell. If you feel that writing is not your strong suit, just leave the web content creation to us. We have a wealth of experience in providing quality text tailored to your specific needs. We compose short, apposite, readable labels and high-quality, well-judged articles for any magazine.


Websites often need supplemental graphics that make your design stand out. It could be an illustration for a specific article, an info-graphic explanation of a particular topic, a new slide for your slideshow or homepage or even content for your Facebook profile. These are the exact scenarios where we can help by preparing tailor-made graphics.


A quality photo is essential, and not only when presenting traditional outlets such as restaurants, hotels and other sites. Professional photography can enliven any website and at best can even serve as the backbone for your new internet presentation. We can provide you with a proven photographer anywhere in the Czech Republic.


If a photo is worth one thousand words then a video is worth at least one thousand photos. Thanks to high-speed internet connections available to most of the population, video has now become almost a natural part of any website. Well-recorded video can, in just a few minutes, perfectly present your product, business or production. We can provide you with access to high-quality video production services anywhere in the Czech Republic.